The Latest Technologies
Pushing the Edge
Cutting edge technology is at the heart of what we do. Our software is built on the newest standards. We use the canvas to draw custom inputs/widgets. Wherever multi-threading can be used, web workers are on the job. Audio, Video, and games without flash, we've got that covered. CSS3 animations lie at the core of our UI transitions ...
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The VdStudioS Advantage

Software Flexibility

Our software is designed from the ground up to be as flexible as possible. You can include a single input element, a widget, an app, or the entire virtual desktop in your project. We provide access to the libs on our servers using CORS or, if you wish, you can install and host your own copy.
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Outstanding Support

Technical support can be the key to your success. That's why we provide the very best to our customers. We want to make sure your project goes together seamlessly.
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Beyond SaaS

We provide development and design services as well as training and mentoring. If you prefer to learn on your own, whether your a beginner or an expert, our free online tutorials have something for you.
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Our Products
JS Libraries
VdS Web Gui
Everything you need to build web sites and apps.
VdS WebMaster
Site Builder
Build a better site, faster.
Virtual Desktop
Access your Virtual PC from anywhere.
Content Management
Tools to manage your web sites and apps.
Web Development
Dev Portal
Information and tutorials for developers.
VdS Applications
Web Apps
Free cloud based Apps. Get things done, wherever you are.

VdS Web Gui

Gui libraries for web developers.
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VdS Web Gui
Web Development
Virtual Desktop
Web Apps